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When it comes to bringing a vision to life, the founder of Cabinets Taylor Made, Taylor Banks, knows the joy of finalizing the vision down to the last detail. From branching out on his own in 2007 to helping over 1278 clients bring their custom visions to life in their home, he and his team continue to take so much joy in every single project they take on.


Cabinets Taylor Made runs a little differently than most other cabinet companies. The way we see it, is that when you have a gorgeous, quality product and unmatched experience, you don’t need the extra fluff to explain it. We come from old-school knowledge, (in fact, 60+ years’ experience between the owner, plant manager, and floor lead), and we pair that knowledge with new technology to create the look you want while skipping the extreme sticker shock. We believe in being fair to people, it’s as simple as that. We do it right, and we make it perfect.


So no matter what your vision, we’re here to help you on your endeavor, and we’ll look forward to every step of the journey. Whether it’s recreating the look of your childhood home or the newest trend, our team will create a design that you’ll love forever.



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